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Sloper Patterns (Princess Seams)

Today I started working on my pattern for Satsuki! Slopers are amazing, and if you haven’t created one for yourself yet, I highly recommend it! Slopers are basic bodice patterns that are drafted to fit the curves of your body. A sloper can be manipulated into different types of bodices depending on where you place the darts! For (well pretty much all) our acen cosplays, we’ll be using princess seams. 

To create my basic sloper I followed THIS tutorial from burdastyle. It’s VERY indepth and honestly takes me about an hour to draft. So make sure you’ve got plenty of time and patience before you start working. I use giant, one in graph paper that I picked up from Office Max. I like to use this when I’m drafting patterns so I don’t have to think so hard about straight lines. 
Other options would be newspapers, butcher paper, or even taping smaller sheets of paper together :)

A lot of sloper tutorials only draft it to the waist. For my purposes, I need it to end around my hips. This was an easy addition. First you’ll measure from your waist to your hips and then add that extension to the pattern BEFORE YOU CUT IT OUT. Make a straight line from the front to the back to create your “hip line” (yeah he’s pretty rad).
After that you’ll extend the lines in the middle of your darts and draw a diagonal line from the two points at the bottom of the triangle to where the line intersects on your “hip line.” This will make those diamond shapes you see on my pattern.

Remember that slopers can be adjusted to fit YOUR body, that’s why they’re so awesome! Since I know that I have relatively large hips, I added about an inch and a half to my back pattern and made a line connecting it to the bust. This is to add my own ease and make sure I don’t need to adjust it later. You may or may not need to consider this, but that’s the explanation for the weird, slightly diagonal back seam.

Now, onto your princess seaming! As a visual person, I found THIS tutorial for creating princess seams extremely useful. In the second picture, I high-lighted my lines in red. I decided to draw these in before cutting.

One adjustment that I found needed to be made when modifying the burdastyle sloper pattern into these seams was the shoulder dart in the front pattern piece. After I cut it out, I simply connected the two lines of the dart and folded it in place. Then I folded the right side of the pattern back to face the front so the pattern would lie flat. (there’s a picture of this XD)

I recommend making a mock-up of your pattern before cutting any of your good fabric out of muslin or other cheap material and trying it on :) 

Good luck and enjoy your sloper!!! :D

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Hey, I’m curious!

Hey I’m curious too!



Hey, I’m curious!

Hey I’m curious too!

Gif Memeeverythingpassesintime asked: Daenerys Targaryen + Dress Me Up



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A few people asked how I made Hiccup’s foot, so I made a tutorial! 


Somebody asked me about this once! This is for that anon! :D

I’m doing some much needed taping on my dress form base to keep my poor toes from getting splinters!

I’m doing some much needed taping on my dress form base to keep my poor toes from getting splinters!

A summary of Sacanime: queens, criminals, and scientists!

More pictures to follow!

Joffrey: kateydidit
Cecil: ginsys


So on Friday I told you how to make superhero boots. (By the way, 1800 notes? Thanks!) Today I’m going to show you how to make custom thigh-highs (or socks in general.) We’ll just call it the sock weekend.

Here I’m making Tomoe Mami’s thigh-highs. (I’ve intentionally made them in brown, as I didn’t like the purple.) Do you know how hard it is to find thigh-highs in the right color, with that pinstripe? Not to mention, not everyone fits into those “one size fits most” socks; my thighs never co-operate with the things and they end up around my knees constantly. As a result I’ve taken to making my own.

You will need:

  • Standard sewing tools (measuring tape, scissors, pins, sewing machine.) I used a serger for much of it but it’s really not necessary at all.
  • Sufficient amount of a stretch fabric; the stretch will have to run around your leg at the very least. I used about 30”x45” and had plenty of scrap, so you should be safe with a yard.
  • Enough wide elastic to make bands that fit snugly around your thighs.

That’s really it.

Cut your fabric into rectangles, the widest enough to fit the widest point of your leg. I freehand this because you really don’t need that much of it. Put one rectangle aside and focus on the first sock. Sew up the length and across the bottom. You have essentially just made a large wine bag for your thigh.


Stick your foot in this Sexy Wine Bag. Start pinning it so that your wine bag clings to you more like a sock. Go down to your ankle; it’s way easier to do this in two parts. When you are pleased with the tightness, carefully take it off your leg without disturbing the pins. It’s usually necessary to make a few adjustments to the pins once you have it off, just so they’re laying flat/even. 

Sew up that fit you just made. You should end up with a sock that ends up with a club foot. (See picture. Laugh.)

Now do your foot. You may want to round it out over the toe so you don’t get little elf points. Doing the seam along the bottom of your foot is the absolute easiest, imho, because you get a better fit with less finicking, but you will also end up having the seam along the underside of your foot, which I know bothers some people. If this is weird to you, then do the seam along the side… you just might not have as good of a fit as you want without a lot of finicking if your fabric doesn’t have a lot of stretch.

Carefully take it off, adjust the pins for neatness, and sew again.

Trace this finished sock against your other Sexy Wine Bag and sew that one, too. If you’re super into it, trace the sock off on paper, too, so that you have a pattern you can reuse next time without having to do any pinning/fitting. 


But these socks don’t have finished top hems, are let’s be real, are liable to fall down if they’re left all on their own. You could just fold them over and hem ‘em, but I like elastic in there for support.

Put on your socks (inside out!), make your elastic bands, and slide the bands on overtop your socks. Fold the top edge of the sock down over the elastic band and pin it in place. Go all the way around your leg –– be careful doing this, as it can be tricky to pin against the underside of your thigh when you can’t really see what you’re doing, but it’s doable. When you’ve finished pinning, take it off –– it should look a little weird, as the fabric is no longer stretched. No big deal; sew it in place, making sure you stretch the fabric out as you sew it. I like to catch the needle along the edge of the elastic just so it doesn’t roll/do weird things inside the casing. 

And then voila. You have finished socks.

Go kill Witches.

- Jenn


- Sacanime Summer 2014
It made my heart so happy to see so many GoT cosplayers. 
If you see yourself, feel free to tag. 

I’m the Margaery in the first picture with kateydidit as my wonderful Joffrey!


The “I Hate Sam and Dean” Club


The “I Hate Sam and Dean” Club


Foam and Worbla armour MEGA TUTORIAL

Tutorial by AmenoKitarou

Super duper awesome and helpful! I am totally going to try this out for my Garrosh cosplay.